Friday, 30 May 2008

Rain rain go away.....

When i was a younger kid, my like eldest and most wise uncle used to tell me that god didn't low England much so he'd just piss on the UK and that's why it rained so much...... his theory ain't been wrong tbh has it? like its coming up to June and were having all these storms and shitty rain days. like yesterday........ there was a good thing to come from all the rain yesterday though. shelter at Louie's house, after a nice glass of cranberry juice i found this white box and i was like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm white space. armed with a felt tip and a black Biro i got to work. it seemed a good way of occupying my self seeing as Louie was staring at the hellz bellz look book [ check that ] and feo was having a little nap. anyway an hour an a half later BAM!
the box is a mix of shit my favourite is the donut.

Shout out to wise uncles and everyone that aint letting the rain stop them from doing their thing!