Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sleepless nights

The past few days have been nothing short of manic, Thursday was the AA party down on carnaby as louie already stated, i took full advantage of free beer. All the free beer left me need to pee every 10 minutes so shout out to that pub round the corner for allowing me about 13 times. After that it was a race against time to get to Virginia water for a little get together. Spent the night drinking and smoking away in a robe passed out half way to the sofa..... no good.


im no good with beer.

Friday night it was back to v waters and again after a light smoke up ,drink &
enough banter i watched the most gripping Bruce Willis movie of my life 'HOSTAGE' is actually insane and if you've seen it then you know why. But if you aint heres a run down, Brucie is top boy fbi negotiator he fucks up and becomes some small town police man. These punk kids try and jack this rich mans escalade and then shit starts getting fucked they lock themselves in this house and keep the fam hostage, but then brucies fam get made hostage by the guy whos been made hostages boss its deep.Its given me a whole new reason to be afraid of goths. I never want to meet Ben Foster in my life.

he gives me the chills