Saturday, 28 June 2008

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This week has left me feeling like a prune, I've had these life shattering shifts at work demanding me to wake at the sound of 7. Bluntly, I am and will never be comfortable with this regime. I feel tired, stressed and robotic Ive turned into one of those guys that hates their job but then cracks a smile as soon as customers step one foot through the door........ long. Still though maybe its because I'm looking forward to my week of holiday and it just feels like times going slower? mmmmmmmmm. Anyway last night me and nick caught a late viewing of that movie 'AdULTHOOD' after stuffing my face with salted popcorn and sucking on my ice blast till my mouth felt like an igloo i paid attention. To keep it short movie was pretty deep Mooney and jay crack jokes still whilst that Sam guys finds himself growing up pretty good as i feel I'm feeling old.

PS plan b looks like a batty in the movie.