Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Its been another one of those weekends that leaves me dazed and forgetting about my priority's and commitments. During the baking heat we had this weekend I'd found it hard to do anything but stay outside watching the world go by. Not complaining its given me time to find a true love for double apple shisha bongs and rekindle my love affair for pineapple & watermelon fruit slices from Salisbury's. Anyway Monday was a pretty hectic day me and Louie roamed the streets of central looking for things to waste my money on. Unfortunately theres not much out ATM so my most amazing purchase was one of the 6 Angus burger boxes....... SURPRISINGLY they actually fill you up these 6 little Patty's in buns its a shame that their not all as serious as the bacon and cheese ones with the BBQ sauce.[ had to be left for right at the end standard ]

later on the eve it was down to eivissa for the weekly free poison....... for some strange reason i felt more affected than usual which is what i think prompted my decision to travel from Kingston to twickenham then to clapham. after getting to this clapham flat which was sickingly slanted right i found myself drunk watching superbad whilst sobering up. Theres not much left to say apart from the fact that i never want to be awake for more than 24 hours again and i have to stop drinking so much sambucca.