Wednesday, 18 June 2008

In and around her mouth.

First and for most happy belated birthday [ well at least to the blogging world ] to louie who hit the big 1 8 on monday. After alot of patience and cheap sambucca we got into the not so great but blissfully cheap eivissa. As usual the sambucca and sweat was flowing everywhere enough to make louie disorientated and understand the importance of monday vodkas. After the routine mc hammer and fresh prince tunes it was time to vacate eivissa. Resulting in getting buses to kingston hill passing out and waking up at 7 am. Deffinetly not enjoying waking up this early after heavy nights. After alot of in bed banter and ritz biscuits for breakfast it was down to my work for some £$£$£. Amazingly the owner of the company was like i got something for you handing me these 10 pound voucher things that entitles me to any meal i want excluding lobster. Like i said my work is plush so it was a 8oz sirlon steak straight OUT!

Was the tastiest steak id ever eaten and moses seemed to enjoy it by not talking to me till he had finished. Not bad for a hangover breakfast ?.
On a different note i havent had acess to the internet for a while so im abit late on things thats going on... nerd singing in hideout? goldielocks birthday party in oxford circus? etc etc im gunna try and get to everything this week. its gunna be an everest to climb seeing as i have work and no £.
fingers x'sed

Also how deep is kanyes varsity jacket, im brewing major amounts of jealousy towards his steez.

Big ups to lfr, mark derry,deadstock don