Saturday, 16 August 2008


The most entertaining league in the world starts today, with arsenal vs west brom being the opening game. im quietly anticipating victory but quietly. see most of the hype seems to be on liverpool and rightly so i mean they spent 20 mil on keane.... and their trying to get that barry man but i dont see the hype with him. I've made two wagers betting arsenal will be the 1's to win the prem but by the looks of it i might have to empty my pockets by febuary it seems like putting our title hopes in a few kids younger than me will result in more heart ache.

Also i hear some mad shit with tear gas and that went down at bar rumba on thursday night for eksmans birthday? its good to know that people would rather go to a d'n'b party and let off tear gas than feel the bass. Shit like this will only result in less and less nights like these. weak

hold tight