Thursday, 14 August 2008

peaches & infedels

i dont usually like rants or hate rants but ive become overcrowded with hate for peaches geldof.because of pure boredom at work ive been practically forced to read about peaches geldof and her "off the rails" life. I'm pretty tired of this little chic running around with her drug shopping list and her indie farty arm candy like that faris man. talking about how hard core she is about drugs and how she doesn't mean to get so fucked and how her "od" changed her perception on drugs. girls full of shit tbh and i hate people that publicise drug use to get attention like amy wino even though in my opinion she is a broken soul awwwww.
anyway, i urge you to bash peaches if you see her.

in a different topic complex blogs got shit on the new Jeff staple starter jackets worth a peak. hats don't do it for me i think their just bait rip offs but this purple starter jacket makesmyknees turn to jello.