Monday, 18 August 2008

Sunday times

The Sunday times supplement 'style' seems to be getting in on all the action these days. this week an article called 'pop crusade' decided to big up santogold and all these other up and coming female artists. The santogold cover [1 paragraph] talks about how santi white dont like britney spears/kylie minogue/girls aloud. Also it claims that santogolds music is 'unpindownable hybrid of all her musical influences from pixies through aretha franklin to the police'. it goes on to say that her music's pop... swear the times is warped. Santi's jeans are a whole different story the all over print reminds me of those moschino jeans from way back in 96. remember those all over print jeans ? my cousin used to eat that shit up, they used to be big haha. It seems all leg covering garms, excluding skirts with all over prints are coming back not only with santi but over at M.O.B they've got them all over print leggings. Which look pretty big in that hot pink colorway still. its quite good to see fashion going back on itself hopefully it wont be ruined like the last time remember those disastrous mckenzie jeans that all the little chavies were copping at jd sports?
'Style' also had this article called 'update your look' so all you ladys trying to stay on top of the game listen up BIG 1960's hair , black make up headscarves and french twist's are IN. So if you look like peaches, amy crackhead or lindsay lohan get yourself down to your local boots.