Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ear drums

In the past few weeks or so ive been one of those 'downloader niggas',
But fuck that i cant afford to be splashing £13 on a cd or even £18 extortionate hmv price for a hip hop cd.
Im not one of those guys. But more to the point.... The clipse have relased a new album with the re up gang.

I read that clipse didnt appeal to enough people and that they needed to broaden their horizons and audience if they didnt want to be dropped.
So here we are with a more commercial style album tracks like fast life produced like scott storch proove to be club bangers and floor fillers.
But that seems to be it, Im not gunna lie im pretty happy that they didnt sell out and make love tunes with bobby valentino or lloyd singing some queer chorus about wifeys and heartache.
The track that stands out is the re up gang intro i feel the beat is to raw with them violins but find out for your self.

Another album thats hot is the new streets "everything is borrowed".
Mike skinner goes on a few next ones with songs about dodo's but theres some lyrically about mike skinner that makes him so good.
Touching on issues like suicide extinction and the pros and cons of hell.
the streets every thing is borrowed makes it at a good listen.

hold tight