Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Issue 6 of document 1 is out and its actually worth the read. recently document 1's been stepping their game up last months issue was a treat but this one is bigger and better. This time we see the [ in my opinion ] incredible 'dave the chimp' showcase his most recent work and under go a nice interview. I havent heard or seen much of dave since the day fotolog.com ended. Fotolog used to be THE blog, artists like richt, mute id rpm 4, herse, fybe and the crew coat hanger collective with mr mean used to be all there doing there thing. As far as i know chc went to monorex but i dont know if its still alive.....
A nice interview with san fran clique HUF, for those who dont know huf's a store and clothing brand birthed by Keith hufnagel in 2002. And its taking san frans bay areas in a stranglehold with everyone getting on it.
Also theres a cover on OBEY....
like i said definitely worth a read