Monday, 27 October 2008


Friday just gone after much hassling an Albanian co worker i got let out the slave trade early and made my way down to the end for the final fwd&rinse. Not so much to my surprise the que was already ram pack. After a 2 hour wait and the only highlight being skepta comming out to hand pick a few girls to allow in the venue i entered and made my way directly to the main room. Having missed the set of the night
[ skream b2b benga, skepta ] hatcha came up and pulled through with some deep tunes. Merkle man made the sup rise appearance spitting 3 lines repeatedly then ducking out in a diva esque manner. But for me the wost horrific part came at the end with pinch accompanied by the devil that is flowdan. Flowdans voice echoed through out accompanied by pinchs bass made this impossible to stay still.

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Walk to kings x was chilly as, winters finally arrived after much dwelling.

After wasting the day in bed and finally leaving Kings x at 6 we made our way back to nicks yard in harrow for bacon and mushroom sarnies.

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K2 K2 K2!
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Some random polish/russian/czech? fashion magazine focusing on fashion in the 90's and eastern europe designs pretty surreal garms.

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Operah truly has taken over the world.

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Clocked these nb's. Ive never really been a fan but these were sweet the colour way is peachy and the laces remind me of the lumberjack delta force? definetly consideringa pair.