Wednesday, 1 October 2008


i was looking for a little magazine to read last night, id didnt cut it and neither did d&c or nylon etc etc. But this magazine called colors caught my eye. Its a book compiled with 30 pictures of the sichuan earthquake and 30 Tibetan prayers. The photos are incredible capturing moments we never got to see on the 9 o'clock news. On may 12th 14 hours and 28 minutes 69,181 is the number of victims confirmed dead by the government after a violent earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale. The introduction reads "this magazine finds its true shape when the sheets are cut and hung in the wind. According to Tibetan tradition, this will help fulfill the various prayers for the victims of the earthquake in china found throughout this magazine.""PLEASE NOTE: sacred words and symbols are printed on these pages. Be respectful. Don't throw the magazine away. Don't trash it. Don't forget it in a draw. If you really cant stand it anymore, go and burn it in the garden... the smoke will deliver the blessings to the sky."Deep innit, i urge you to buy it if you get a chance or even check out all 30 photos because they are truly breathtaking the following are just a few of the ones that made me think the most:
colour 001

colour 002

colour 003

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