Monday, 13 October 2008

Stop & search

You might be wondering why i've spent the last 4 minutes looking for a photo of Ali bastian, The nations emotional train wreck from hollyoaks. But recently she joined itv's the bill.... but dont pay too much attention anyway shes just a prop and/for future comparison. This evening arriving from work whilst gazing at the moon in my wide eyed glazed state. 3 women step out a vauxhall and walk towards me. Im thinking nahhh man! And then bam stop & search,see id be more vex at being prevented from getting into my house if it was a 3 undercover men. But these 3 undercover police ladies where CHUNG.
imagine ali bastian in a police uniform x 20 then in undercover clothes?
they was like baywatch chung.
enough of that though back to the main point of this post.