Thursday, 13 November 2008


Lase night after work, one of my collegaues suggested
a light blaze back at his gaff. It was was a blast to the past.
he had the game cube super snes and genesis out.
After playing michael jacksons moonwalker and saving all them
little blonde kids [ he was on them way back then just know one clocked]
and murdering him at street fighter with blanka and bison
intresting fact- m bison was actually supposed to be the name of the black
boxer man m bison / m tyson.....
Anway i sucked at monkey ball but still my gorgon had alot of weight so
thats my excuse.
After getting cramping my thumbs we watched possibly the most intresting
cast- Quiz with Simon Amstell, team captain Phill Jupitus and special guest team captain Jack Dee. Guests include comedian Alexei Sayle and Stine B from Alphabeat. lisa mafia who won the porgram celebrity cabin crew... and anna richardson
that woman that tells kids about chlamedia.

oh and lisa mafia got CHUNG!!