Tuesday, 18 November 2008

che che che ooooooh

I'm going to be completely stereotype and say any black kid that had access to a tv.
A B S O L U T E L Y loved michael jackson..... Not in a gay manor straight no homo.
I mean the christmas and fam get together where your auntie t would whip out the bulk cam corder and demand you dance. AND the only thing that you can throw down is an mj routine resulting in 'AWWWW' & 'HOW CUTE'. Im not saying i was subjected to this particular type of abuse, But i've witnessed it and it was fucking entertaining. What im getting at is that MJ used to be the fucking one! And now hes become this plastic caucasian man with such an awkward life which includes, owing some sheik around 4.5 mill, selling never ever ever ever land for 23 mill, basting that women that hosted his children with his semen because he werent big on sex. The last one may be a rumour but it sticks out in my mind. Despite all this and whats happened to his face hes still 50% badman and if he tours im deffinetly reaching.