Friday, 28 November 2008

Slew them

Amsterdam was so much bigger than big it was like gargantuous. But dont believe the hype
about the hoe's most of them lacked essential features for me to even begin considering
parting with my wonga of euro. The cuisine was standard im now a life long admierer of wok to go.
Holland have the tourist game on lockdown. With blatently most of their income comming
from stoners all over the world to bun the creme de la creme of herb, it seemed only fitting
to be charged 2 euro 50 for a coke can and 8 euro for a maccy d's NOT.
After the 3rd day i was left with nothing but rizla and fluff in my pocket. But i got love!
It was liberating to do what i liked and not be looked down upon or arrested.
Big up all the innovation man, was fucking mega. g dub, hazard and andy c tore the floor apart.
and eksman ic3 and herbsie spat routine bars.

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