Monday, 7 July 2008

Climate change

And again the inevitable has happened random bursts of rain and thunder HAIL down upon me and my endz. Ive grown infuriated that I'm put off going out by the rain. Its making me dwell on the fact that i still havent sorted out our proposed holiday to Barcelona or any other holiday in fact.... Hmmpf? Despite the weathers effort to keep me in , i decided that today i was going to indulge in shang hai Chinese all you can eat. me and my partner in food crime moses took a bus ride down to take fullllll advantage of the "all you can eat" poster in the window. sadly after my 2ND plate i was a wash out. id forgotten how BBQ ribs and sweet and sour chicken can destroy your stomach instantly. like any other buffet place you get sick after 10 minutes so i retreated home!

Tonight was a pretty quiet affair i watched big brother and decided that its so weak but that Lisa woman is TOO fine. like honestly fuck the rest oh and I'm in love with the chick from "weeds" I'm about to watch the whole of season one.


hold tight the shang hai staff and moses FOR A MORE IN DEPTH READ OF THE DAY