Sunday, 6 July 2008


So Ive been off work for the past week and that's no excuse to not blog i know i know. Its been a pretty up down week i missed BOTH cool kids shows due to lack of funds and everyone i roll withs inability to have money. So that was the main bummer of the week also i missed out on rusko and plasticians sets in white chapel Friday that would of been rude. Theres always herbal this Thursday though.... dub police is on and Ive been told only the creme of the crop are playing. Friday how ever was pay day and i feel like Ive blown all my money already as I'm too afraid to check the balance in my account. Ive been reading about how necessary this IR store is but to my disappointment i couldn't find it!? Not much to say about swagger in ldn, everything seems to be dropping in the next two weeks apart from the supreme line in hideout which IS going to leave nothing but lent in my pockets by the end of the week.
Their was this news paper though in vans called "the stool pigeon" with a pretty rare interview with kid sister. Definitely worth the read if you spy one.
Also im parying that choclate dont stain.